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The School of Information Welcomes New Faculty This Fall

Posted on August 22, 2016

Natalie Greene Taylor, Ph.D., joined the iSchool as an Assistant Professor. Her research focuses on young people's access to information. More specifically, she studies youth information behavior, information intermediaries, and information policy as it affects youth information access. In her dissertation, she examined youth access to digital government information. She is an Associate Editor of Library Quarterly and has published articles in Library & Information Science Research, Public Library Quarterly, Information Polity, and International Journal of Public Administration in the Digital Age, among others. She has also co-authored two books: Digital Literacy and Digital Inclusion: Information Policy and the Public Library and Libraries, Human Rights, and Social Justice: Enabling Access and Promoting Inclusion, and co-edited the book Perspectives on Libraries as Institutions of Human Rights and Social Justice.

Dr. Loni Hagen joined the iSchool this Fall as an Assistant Professor. She uses natural language processing and data mining techniques to automatically extract information from e-petition texts and further provides interpretation of them in context. Her current research interests include developing new ways of organizing opinions expressed by the public online, and introducing computational techniques to analyze big textual data for policy analysis and policy decision-making.