MS in Intelligence Studies

USF’s Master of Science in Intelligence Studies is the “next generation” intelligence studies degree. This Master’s program is an online, STEM-based, applied graduate degree program to train analytic, information and intelligence professionals for work in the public and private sectors. Instead of focusing primarily on International Relations or traditional Security Studies, the curriculum emphasizes analytic competencies, grounded in the disciplines of Information Science and Informatics. The principal aim is to train problem-solvers who understand strategic concepts and analytic methodologies and can apply that knowledge to advance a nation’s or organization’s interests and objectives.

Graduates with the Master of Science in Intelligence Studies will be able to develop and evaluate new knowledge; generate and analyze courses of action; express clearly reasoned opinions; and communicate effectively in writing, oral presentation, and visual display. That is, they will know how to use information and apply knowledge to support complex decision-making.

Concentrations are available in:

  • Strategic Intelligence (The specific form of analysis which is required for the formulation of policy and plans at agency, corporate, national or international levels), and
  • Cyber Intelligence (Learning and applying data acquisition techniques, information analysis skills, and intelligence production to identify, track, and predict cyber threat actor capabilities, intentions, and activities that offer courses of action to enhance decision making)