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Library and Information Science Certificates

LIS Post Master's Certificate Program

The exponential growth of recorded knowledge and the advent of digital technology have combined to transform librarianship. This transformation means an entirely new skill set is required of librarians today. Librarians enrolled in this certificate will update their skills and renew their knowledge in light of the new technological changes in the profession. Most courses within this program are fully online.

For students who wish to continue their education and professional development after earning an accredited library and information science master's degree, the School offers an 18 hour certificate. More information may be found by going to the USF Graduate Certificates page and reviewing the criteria for the LIS post master's certificate. Students must hold a master's degree from an ALA and regionally accredited institution with a minimum 3.0 GPA.

Graduate Certificate in Health Information

The Graduate Certificate in Health Information is intended for those interested in careers in Health Sciences Librarianship or Health Information. Professionals with training in Health Information Services and Management are able to take advantage of growing employment opportunities in academic medical centers; hospitals and health care systems; federal, state and local government; private corporations and other health-resources centers.

Graduate Certificate in Library Information Technology

The online Graduate Certificate in Library Information Technology serves the needs of those who wish to enter the rapidly expanding information field. This certificate seeks to provide students and information professionals with the tools needed to use technology efficiently and effectively for gathering, storing, and disseminating information. This Graduate Certificate also serves the needs of those with graduate degrees who wish to improve technology skills.

School Library Media Specialists Certificate Program

For students who do not wish to pursue the M.A. degree, the School offers an 18 hour certificate in school media. More information may be found by going to the USF Graduate Certificates page and reviewing the criteria for the School Library Media Specialist Certificate.

This certificate is designed to enhance the knowledge and capabilities of those persons who wish to take the FTCE subject area exam for school media specialist K-12. Alternatively it would also be valuable for those persons who have taken and passed the FTCE subject area test and are eligible for certification as school library media specialist but wish to become more aware of the roles and responsibilities of the media specialist. Those earning a school media certificate are still required to take the Florida Teacher Certifcation Examination in Educational Media Specialist.

Intelligence Studies Certificates

Graduate Certificate in Strategic Intelligence

The Graduate Certificate in Strategic Intelligence provides a state-of-the-art, academic foundation in the discipline of intelligence studies. That foundation can prepare the individual to pursue further graduate study or to develop and apply this critical set of professional skills. The curriculum follows the guidelines for the International Association for Intelligence Education (IAFIE), covering strategic thinking, core concepts, analytic methods, and analytic communication (writing and briefing).

Graduate Certificate in Cyber Intelligence

The graduate certificate in cyber intelligence prepares you to acquire and assess the intentions, capabilities, and activities of potential adversaries and insiders who pose a threat, including attack methods that target people to penetrate systems, sometimes referred to as social engineering.

Learn to generate and evaluate courses of action to manage risks, counter vulnerabilities and enhance organizational decision-making as you develop an understanding of how intelligence drives a cybersecurity mission.

Undergraduate Minor in Intelligence Studies

    Minor Core
  • LIS 4671 Introduction to Intelligence Studies
  • LIS 4672 Critical Thinking and Methods for Intelligence Analysis
  • LIS 4673 Open Source Intelligence
  • LIS 4029 Professional and Technical Communication for Analysts
Declaration of Intelligence Studies Minor

The Minor in Intelligence Studies provides an introductory foundation to the profession and practice of intelligence. Students are acquainted with the structure and function of the US Intelligence Community; ethical and professional issues in the intelligence field; intelligence analytic methods; tools and techniques for collecting/analyzing data and information from publicly available sources; and professional writing and briefing skills that are essential for effective analytic communication. This minor can complement undergraduate majors such as political science, international studies, foreign language studies, criminology, business, or social/behavioral sciences.