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World IA Day

Posted on March 24, 2015

The average information user today expects a highly efficient and attractive experience. As user anticipation rises with the volume of data, Information Architects are ever more in demand. On February 21, 2015, several students and faculty from USF participated in World Information Architecture Day (WIAD), held for the first time in downtown Tampa. Joined together with locations in 24 countries and 38 cities, participants collaborated and discussed how best to shape the future of Information Architecture. USF School of information’s Dr. Heiko Haubitz joined other professionals and fielded questions about how Information Architects could create structures to promote a happier customer experience. Attendees also participated in workshops focused on solving real-world information architecture problems, specifically in a non-profit environment. Bachelor of Science in Information Studies student Nanchy Velez expressed appreciation at the event’s focus on user experience assessment. The occasion gave her greater insight into how these important evaluations go much deeper than basic questionnaires. Because the event was so successful at bringing together information professionals, students, and design enthusiasts, planning is already started for the next WIAD. For more information about WIAD: day/