Emphasis on Youth Services / School Librarianship / School Media Specialist

The School of Information offers a program that includes all the competencies and skills which are necessary for an Educational Media Specialist to perform at a high level of proficiency. Educational Media certification is granted by the Florida Department of Education. All candidates for Educational Media certification are required to take the Florida Teacher Certification Examination in School Media. To receive certification as an Educational Media Specialist in Florida, the student must also be certified as a teacher in Florida. Students seeking certification are encouraged to enroll in the School of Information accredited master's program and take the 39 semester hours of course work that lead to the M.A. degree. http://www.fldoe.org/.

Completion of the USF/SI program results in (1) a Master of Arts degree accredited by the American Library Association, which will allow the recipient to work in all types of libraries and (2) appropriate coursework for passing the state examination for certification as an Educational Media Specialist for Grades K-12 in the state of Florida. The following 39 hour master's degree program contains the courses recommended for school librarian specialization.

  • LIS 5020 Foundations of Library and Information Science
  • LIS 6271 Research Methods in Library and Information Science
  • LIS 6303 Preparing Instructional Media
  • LIS 6455 The Organization and Administration of the School Media Center
  • LIS 6511 Collection Development and Maintenance
  • LIS 6542 The Curriculum and Instructional Technology OR LIS 5937 Teaching Information Literacy
  • LIS 6565 Books and Related Materials for Young Adults
  • LIS 6564 Materials for Children
  • LIS 6603 Basic Information Sources and Services
  • LIS 6735 Technical Services in Small Libraries OR LIS 6711 Organization of Knowledge I
  • LIS 6946 Supervised Field Work *
  • Elective course chosen with approval of advisor - Recommended - LIS 5566 Multicultural Literature for Children and Young Adults
  • Elective course chosen with approval of advisor - Recommended - LIS 5937 Teaching Information Literacy

  • *An elective may be substituted for LIS 6946 Supervised Fieldwork if the student is already working as a school librarian or has significant experience in a school library. Students who have substantial experience in one or more of the areas above may be able to substitute other courses with their advisor's approval.

Need more information? Please contact the School of Information at email: si@usf.edu or phone/voice: (813) 974-3520. Note: Current LIS students should contact their assigned SI advisor.