The University of South Florida School of Information is a proud member of the iSchools organization, a coalition of information schools around the world.
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At the heart of the USF iSchool is a shared focus on humans as central to information systems, services, and technology, and on the critical role of understanding how people interact with information in myriad forms. Moreover, we are committed to being engaged with our communities and other professions, and we value interdisciplinary research that can inform best-practice as well as contribute to the knowledge of our broad discipline.


  • BS in Health Sciences

    A highly interdisciplinary degree with 5 concentrations.

  • Research

    Research projects led by faculty and students in the School of Information.

  • Centers and Institutes

    Institute for Health Sciences Information and Intelligence Community Center of Academic Excellence.

  • News and Events

    New faculty, New programs, New SI activities.

  • Student Organizations

    The Student Organizations of LIS (SOLIS).

  • SI Alumni

    Learn what's happening with SI's distinguished cadre of alumni.

  • ALA Accreditation

    The distinction of professional accreditation from the American Library Association.

  • People

    Leaders in information-related education.